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Who we are

DairyNZ is the organisation representing all dairy farmers  and our purpose is to help make them successful in every aspect of their business – from nurturing the environment to producing the world’s best milk.

We are funded by dairy farmers and while a lot of our work is research based and focused on-farm, we have initiatives to engage with people outside of dairying. We do this to help raise the general understanding of dairy farming around how it is connected to New Zealanders, what part it plays in our economy, and to promote it as an interesting and varied vocational choice.

With other partners in the New Zealand dairy sector, we are committed to delivering the following goals in the Dairy Tomorrow Strategy.

  1. Protecting and nurturing the environment for future generations

  2. Building the world’s most competitive and resilient dairy farming businesses

  3. Producing the highest quality and most valued dairy nutrition

  4. World leading in on-farm animal care

  5. Building great workplaces for New Zealand’s most talented workforce

  6. Helping to grow vibrant and prosperous communities

our educational programme

We want to help ensure that New Zealand school children get the opportunity to learn about dairying. We do this by creating curriculum related resources which are designed to help teachers create fun and interesting lessons that provide effective learning. Our resources have a dairy context, so children get to find out about our largest export industry while they are learning science, maths, problem solving and a range of other topics.

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Do you know someone who is interested in a career in dairy? GoDairy is our website supporting young people and career changers to discover a career in the innovative dairy sector.

The dairy sector needs the very best minds to solve scientific challenges as agri-scientists, work with farmers in agri-business, and dairy farm to produce the best milk in the world. Visit GoDairy.co.nz

DairyNZ Scholarships

These are awarded to outstanding students with a particular interest in dairying who are undertaking an agriculture or agricultural-related degree at either Lincoln, Massey or Waikato Universities. The scholarships assist students in meeting the costs of university study.

Scholarship winners are mentored and supported through university and can expect to gain employment in a variety of positions, either on-farm, in the rural professional support areas in dairying or in science, click here to find out more