Waimauku School

“The kids absolutely loved this activity! It elicited so much learning, from reading, to statistics and measuring for math, to the science of how cream can turn from a liquid to a solid, to participating and contributing, to self-managing, to then write a report on how we made the ice cream. It was wonderful.

We had lots of fun coming up with our unique flavours. We had a whole class discussion on what would make yummy combinations and what would make not so yum combinations! We then got to vote for three flavours, one of which had to be one of the more unpalatable ones.

Once our five flavours were chosen, we then got into 5 groups and it was a lucky dip as to who got which flavour! The process was so quick and easy, and it was wonderful to have all of the necessary equipment at our fingertips (this saved me so much precious time!).

Once the children were past the adding ingredients stage, and onto the shaking it stage....they had a great time dancing and shaking to 'Shake it Off' by Taylor Swift, so thank you for that recommendation.

Only one of the ice cream flavours didn't seem to set properly to a solid, and that was Marmite and honey, which seemed to have more of a thick shake consistency.

The taste test was very exciting, and we had fun tasting all of the different flavours we had come up with. Afterwards, we used our supplied taste testing and rating cards which were also a great resource to have! We then chose our overall favourite flavour, which was pineapple and strawberry. Unfortunately, baked beans and strawberry flavour came in with a resounding zero votes! I can attest to the fact that it was absolutely awful! But we must try these things.

Thank you for the opportunity to take part in such a great learning activity, and for supplying all of the resources for free. It makes learnging so much more fun and meaningful, and makes teaching a whole lot easier!!

Thanks again for your support!”