Thank you, Keith

Dear Keith,

Thank you so much for showing us around the farm even though you are so busy running it. It must be really difficult to run a farm and teach a whole bunch of random kids. Your farm is really lovely (even with all the cow poo). I unfortunately stood in a fresh cow patty then me and my friend couldn’t stop laughing I then put my other foot in so it was matching. It was very interesting learning about the process of getting the milk to my fridge. It was amazing seeing how you spend so much time with your cows that they let you walk among them and how they follow you. My favourite part of the day was when I got to talk to you about the farm when we walked along the road. Thank you for you for finding time to teach us about the things that go on before the milk gets to us. It was a great opportunity and I’m so grateful you offer it and so worth getting car sick.



Thank you, Keith! You were kind in letting us go to your lovely farm and walking round. Remyy is soooo cute too! Seeing the cows and how they were milked was an amazing experience. Thanks for teaching us about and all the plantation around the farm, seeing the cows being fed was cool and so was when you bowed to them and when you stood up they followed you! I also have a question if you could answer it? Why did the cows follow you when you bowed? Again thank you!!


Dear Keith, Thank you for letting us explore your amazing farm. We had so much fun. I honestly loved your red barn it felt like we were working on the farm and having our normal lunch break. It was such a privilege to be able to learn some of the things farmers do every day. We all thank you so much for helping us understand. Kind regards, Asia