Upper Atiamuri School

We used the Track the Tanker kit this term - it was fantastic to have a kit with a Maths focus.
Loved the clear Teacher Notes and all the goodies in the box.

The class (Years 4 - 8) worked together to tackle the challenges. It was really interesting, we are a rural school - but not everyone was clear about the process of Grass to glass (now we are!!)

Good range of Maths problems and skills required to solve them. Loved the thinking that had to go into setting up the Cow Olympics. We have realised that it is a real skill to create and communicate clear instructions...some stations were a little challenging!
On the day we had a real blast! Kids had a laugh and a lot of fun - but also were really clear about the Grass to Glass process. We checked in as we changed Stations.

Loved it! It was creative, challenging enough and jolly good fun.

Thanks heaps - a real goodie.