Calf Club Game

Calf Club Game


Rosie's Calf Club is a farmtastic, free online game that lets you adopt your very own pet calf and teaches you how to look after it.

Play for 12 days and learn about rearing, leading and feeding a calf. Complete a quiz and earn virtual calf club ribbons as rewards.

What are we learning?

  • What is needed to keep our pet happy and healthy?

  • What happens on a dairy farm?

  • The different parts of a dairy farm

  • How people on a farm interact with the animals on the land

  • How to use sequential words to order my writing

  • How to put my actions into a logical order

  • How to use a recount to tell my audience about something I have done

  • To identify the skills we learn and use in our everyday lives

  • To transfer the abstract skills learnt in one situation to other areas of life

  • Learning new skills is important to our personal growth and development

  • Do our actions have consequences?

  • How looking after a calf compares to looking after another kind of pet

  • The rules and guidelines for being responsible for the health and wellbeing of an animal

  • To use a graphic organiser to clarify our thinking

  • To use the information in a graphic organiser to make generalisations

  • How to present information using images

  • The difference between necessity and ‘nice to have’

  • The difference between a domestic pet, a farm animal and an animal living in the wild

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