Albany Junior High School

Dairy NZ was able to sponsor two of Albany Junior High School’s Year 7 classes to got to the Gallagher Farm in Pukekohe on the 7th September. During the trip, we learned a lot of new facts about cow’s milk and the milking process.

Did you know that at the end of the milking process, cows walk through a shallow pool of copper sulfate in order to keep their hooves strong and clean? Or that the diet of a cow affects the flavour of the milk it produces? We also saw a one-day-old calf suckle for the first time.

The classes most favourite moments were when:

“We walked through the deep mud” Nash.
“Learning about the process of how the cows get milked.” Rachel.
“Feeding the animals after the walk.” Cody.
“Putting our finger in the milking cups.” Zara.

We are so thankful to DairyNZ for giving us this opportunity to learn outside of the classroom!